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Smartrack Trailer

Trailer tracking device not only gives a location of your trailer but can also monitor the temperature and if the doors have been open as well.


The SmarTrack Trailer device has been tested to the Thatcham S7 standard and is suitable for any vehicle without an ignition feed. In addition, the device includes an internal battery system which enables the system to remain operational despite pulling no power from the vehicle.

  • Thatcham S7 Security Certified TSC024.

  • Secure full fleet online account to view present and historical locations of your vehicle.

  • Battery tamper and low battery level alerts.

  • *Optional features like Temperature control and door opening alert

  • Free Android/Apple app for location information.


Direct Debit: £8.32 + VAT 

Direct Debit with Warranty: £10.83 + VAT 

Annually: £94.00 + VAT

Price and fitting cost: £

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