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Aquila T2 T2 Standard Size Meter OXFORDSHIRE
£295.00 *Fitted
£245.83 Ex. VAT

BSI Tested

The T2D has been tested for accuracy by BSI Product Services. This is the department of BSI responsible for the testing of taximeters for the PCO in London.

Radio Size

At 175mm x 50mm x 29mm (deep), the T2 is a little smaller than a standard DIN radio.

Easy Installation

Its innovative wiring and connector arrangement means that the T2D has no projections at the rear which would make it difficult to fit onto flat or curved surfaces. It installs easily onto any car dash board or into various other positions such as overhead.

Illuminated controls

The T2D's four buttons are backlit to ease night use.

Multiple (Manual) Tariffs

The T2D has extensive tariff capabilities and may be programmed by your dealer to handle any combination of time, distance and fares. The tariff can change automatically based on journey distance, fare or time.

The tariff programs can be very large and typically includes 20 or more tariffs.

Details Of Last Hiring

In addition to the normal totaliser information, the T2D allows you to recall the fare, extras and distance information from the previous journey.

'No-Job' Feature

The T2D can optionally be configured to exclude very short "hirings" from the totals.

Speed Warnings

Two speed alarms which you can set to warn you if you exceed a pre-set speed.

Drive Warning

The T2D can give an audible warning if the vehicle is moved with the meter in STOPPED mode.

Totals Protected By PIN Number (Optional)

You can use a special PIN number to stop anyone else from reading the totals.

ALL Totals Resettable

If you wish, you can reset any of the T2D's totals.

Miles/KM Units

The T2D handles units conversions internally and so can be calibrated in pulses per mile or kilometre independently of the tariff program.

Drop Progress Indication

A special character in the Fare window shows you how far the T2D is from the next "drop".

Audible Key Beep

.. which can be turned off if required.

Dead Stop (Freeze) Feature

You can pause the T2D's charging functions during a journey.

Solid State Lamp Drives

The T2D has two independent lamp outputs for activating roof signs.

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