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Steelmate PTS400EX-F Front Fully fitted 4 sensor front front parking sensors audio only OXFORDSHIRE
Fully fitted 4 sensor front front parking sensors audio only.
£249.00 *Fitted
£207.50 Ex. VAT
These sensors are the ideal partner for either your existing rear parking detectors on your car or to be fitted along with the PTS400EX to give you both front and rear parking assistance, the system can be programmed to ignore protrusions such as nudge bars and can be changed to a 2 sensor system if required, and is also upgradable to accept a parking display.

The sensors are switched on by you when you park using a nice smooth flush fitting rocker switch, alternatively it is possible to purchase a CAN BUS adapter that will automatically switch the sensors on when you are traveling below 5mph for an additional £49 (if your car is compatible). The sensors come in Matt Black, Gloss Black or Silver but they can be colour matched at an additional cost of £20 please supply your vehicle paint code at time of order.

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*VAT is included in advertised prices (unless stated otherwise). Price includes standard installation in our local area, but excludes additional parts that may be required (please contact us for a specific quotation for you and your vehicle). Although every effort is made to keep prices accurate they will be subject to change and availability.Please click on the individual product for pricing details.